Thank you for visiting. You’ve reached the website of Oklahoma author, Jerry Hanel.

Check out the links below to find out more about me, to find my books, or just to chat with me. I’m a hard-working computer programmer who writes books at night and loves to dream up new worlds and places.

What can you do on my site? Well, I try to post very often to my blog, so you can always swing in there and see if I’ve posted something witty or funny. I frequently hold book signings and giveaways, and the blog is where you’ll find that information.

Of course, I’m on Twitter and Facebook, and I love to chat with my fans. Really. I do. Ask anyone. I love to hear about the wild things your kids have done, your best pet tricks, and the latest viral videos on the net. I know everyone says that they love to hear from their fans, but I take that very personally. I really do try to connect with everyone, so come chat with me.

As I mentioned above, I’m a computer programmer by trade. I work for a local engineering firm, writing some very dry engineering code, but every now and then I need some software for myself that I just can’t find on the internet, especially for writing books and keeping track of my writing details. When that happens, I will post the software here for download. You can find out more about my software on that page.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. Actually, I don’t think I can fit in a nutshell, even though I am a nut, but you get the idea. So, happy surfing and be sure to say hello.




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