Day Job Blues

I’m back at my day job. It’s an amazing job. I really do love it.

But the problem is, no one is here. I don’t have much to do today because 99% of the company took this week as their vacation week. So, here I am. Waiting.

Oh, I have work to be done. I have documentation to write, but that’s not nearly as engaging as writing a novel. Writing a novel is fun. Juicy. Like eating your favorite candy. It’s sweet and exciting, but doesn’t do much for you other than give you cavities.

Documentation is dry. Crusty. Like eating graham crackers without milk followed by wheat germ and granola. It’ll fill you up and keep you healthy, but boy is it dry and hard to swallow.

I need to find a happy medium. I want to get paid to write and do what I love to do… but not the dry, boring, milk-less times.

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