Republish #1

After a few rounds of edits (I know… stuff that should have been done before initial release) and some feedback from friends, I’ve RE-published the book.

Why? … because you — the reader — have pointed out typos, plot inconsistencies, etc. Nothing major, but enough that I’m a perfectionist, and I couldn’t stand to see anything with blemishes that have my name on it (literally). On that note, I’ve re-published the book with these new edits.

I’ve also got feedback from readers that they don’t understand the cover art. I’ve commissioned new cover art (to be on the book soon) from a VERY well known artist, Sean Eddingfield. You can see his work here.

Once I get this new cover art from him, I’ll do a Republish #2 (hopefully the last).

Between now and then, I am taking any feedback, suggestions, notes, comments, etc. … good and bad, so be brutal. I’d rather get a good book than be patronized.

If you want to preview the book, you can see it at Feedbooks or at Smashwords. You can BUY the book at Smashwords, Amazon or Barnes & Noble for a whopping $0.99! (Come on, that’s cheap, folks!)

So, have a happy new year, and take a few minutes this year to read my new book. It’s a good one. I promise. =)

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