Writer Interviews

Okay, so I’m looking around and I notice that several people want to know about other writers in the writing world. I happen to be in contact with alot of independent authors, and I thought that it might be an interesting spin. For the next couple of months, I think it might be interesting to hear what other authors find interesting.

Submission Guidelines:
If you are an author and want to be interviewed, please email me at jhanel (at) gmail [dot] com. Please note that we won’t host interviews for erotica or anything that may be offensive to a PG-13 audience. While I will do my best to post interviews and email you back when your interview is posted, I reserve the right to skip any interviews at my discretion. Your subject should read “Interview responses”. First tell me your name (or pen name), the genre and title of your book and a brief synopsis of it. An amazon link would be nice, but not mandatory.

Next, answer the following interview questions, keeping in mind that I would be asking these questions in-person. Please write in the style that you would normally answer in-person:

1. Some people write for a paycheck, while others do it for the love of the craft or to fulfill a promise to a loved one. Can you tell me what drives you to get up and write?

2. What is the first book that you can remember having a true impact on you?

3. What is one quirky thing about yourself… something that no one outside of your friends and family might know?

4.  What is your current project about?

5. How did the plot and overall story for that project come into being?

6. Do you have any other projects on the burner somewhere (that you can talk about)?

7. Quick!… without thinking, what are the first five words that come to mind?

8. What do you think those five words say about your personality?

9. Do you have any pets? Can you tell us about them?

10. Thank you for taking the time to answer these interview questions. Before I let you go, I have one more question. If the world were to one day have your name as a household name (aside from your writing career) what would you want to be known for?

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