Giving Away the Ebook

Book CoverYep! I’m giving it away… for a little while, anyway.

To Celebrate the release of the paperback edition of Death Has a Name, I’m giving away the ebook until January 31st. You can claim your own free copy at books/view/34088 buy purchasing it with coupon code GT63C.

This book has been in my head for a very long time, and this December I was fortunate enough to get it finished and get it published. You can buy the paperback version of the book here: Death Has a Name: Paperback. It’s only $12, making it a great gift or low-cost purchase.

The main character, Brodie Wade, has been diagnosed several times as schizophrenic but believes that the visions that he sees are related to a realm that he calls The Truth.

When he joins forces with Detective Phil Dawson, he comes head-to-head with The Truth, to discover who is behind the latest set of grizzly murders. It appears that The Midnight Killer has raised from the dead. Can Brodie and Phil work together to solve the crimes and put the Angel of Death back in his cage?

That coupon is only valid until Jan 31st, so hurry and get yours today.

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