Get it from Amazon while you can for only $0.99

I’m moving the price back up to $2.99. For a short while (24-48 hours) Amazon will continue to list my book at $0.99. While it’s at the low price, get it while you can.

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Happy $0.99 reading!

2 thoughts on “Get it from Amazon while you can for only $0.99”

  1. I just want to say I am so thoroughly enjoying “Death Has a Name”. I love that I won it in your giveaway on Goodreads but I would have purchased it regardless. It took me a bit to get into Brodie and Phil but I did and now. . . . I certainly hope there will be more of Brodie to come. Of course, I’m not finished with the book so I’m hedging my bets that you left it open to follow-up tales. Thanks again for this book – it’s now, even unfinished, one of my favorites 🙂

    1. Awesome!!! I’m very happy that you like it. And thank you for the compliments… you made my day (if you only knew!) 😀

      You are very welcome for the goodreads copy. And yes… I am working on the sequel as we speak. (* cue dramatic music *)

      You can keep an eye here, facebook, etc for a release date when I have it.

      Thanks again, and enjoy! If you have any comments/questions (or just want to say ‘hi’) give me a shout.

      –Jerry Hanel

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