Paperbacks are out… My question on writing.

Thanks to Kit and Duane, my first two paperback sales.

I am still learning about book promotion, distribution, etc. I’m working hard to promote my book and get it known out there. I’m also writing the sequel and trying to iron out some of the issues there. Did I mention that I also have a day job since two sales aren’t going to pay the mortgage. Writing is a second job, taking alot more time than I’d thought many years ago.

I’d love to win the lottery so that I could just sit and write up new worlds and scenarios in which to throw my poor unsuspecting characters. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen in the near future.

I’m sure that some day writing will become my full-time employment, but I’m realizing each day that that day may be further off. I may be old and gray before I can make that a reality. Just like in investing in my 401(k), I may have jumped into the self-publishing game much too late in life to fully enjoy it.

Then again, I may write the next best thriller, and skyrocket one day, too. That’s the thing about writing/reading. You never know what will tickle the world or make them stop and think.

Maybe I could just get a pseudonym… Steven Kyng?? Paula-Deen Koons??? Maybe that’ll drive a few billion sales… no??? Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Probably not.

I guess until then, I’ll just keep plugging away. I’ve hacked out another chapter or two this weekend, and I’m looking forward to really hammering out the details on this one. This was one of my favorite chapters EVER.

As readers of the blog, I do have one question for you… Do you enjoy Brodie? Or would you rather see some of my other works? Where would my time be best served when I sit down and write? I like Brodie. He’s quirky, like me. But I also like Harrison (Harry), and Sarel, and Ursus… oh and Tia. Tia is awesome with her ability to speak things into existence. But with a 10-hour-per-day day job, I only have a few hours a night to throw at writing. Did I also mention I have a lovely wife who is beginning to miss her handsome husband, as he stays up late to promote, tweet, blurb, and post… all before writing?

So, I need your input. Which of my current stories — oh! And Sadiq, the Deathbringer. I nearly forgot him. He’d haunt me for a week if I forgot him. As I was saying, which of the stories would you, my readers, enjoy reading more about?

I know… unless you know what the plots are about, you can’t answer that. And there’s my dilemma. I am not at a place that I can post plot lines. So I’m in a bit of a Catch-22. So I guess the best question I can ask is:

Do you enjoy Brodie enough that I should continue the two planned sequels, or should I put them on the back burner for now and hatch out some other works that are waiting to see the light of day?

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