Media Blitz!

After a few weeks of promotions, I’ve been picked up by and! The FrugaleReader and I are working out a promotion for today to help increase the buzz a bit. And will post my book tomorrow.

I’m excited for the exposure. Every author knows that this kind of exposure can really boost your sales so you can get back to the business of writing instead of promoting. The sequel to Death Has a Name has been on the back burner now for a few weeks, getting the occasional touch here and there, but not the devoted time it needs.

I’m very new to this whole publishing/marketing thing, and most of the time I feel a bit lost. There are times when I want to pull the book and pretend I never ventured out into the wild. It’s a bit scary at times. But then I get responses from readers that say how much they’ve enjoyed the book, making it all worth while.

I’m not certain that dread feeling will ever go away completely. I hope it does. I want to be able to stand up and say “I’m a writer.” instead of “I’m a programmer who also happens to have a book for sale… wanna buy it?” That just feels so…. “used car salesman.”

Until then, I guess that’s what I am though. No, not the used car salesman… I’m a programmer by day, who happens to be a writer at night and has a book for sale. I suppose I need to be comfortable with that before I can move on to being anything else.

Well, I have a day off from my “day job” and a few hours before the media blitz gets underway… I guess I could see how much trouble I could get Brodie into in that time. I hope to see a few people post on the sponsoring sites. They’ve been good to me so far. =)

Have a great day, gang.

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