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This week was slow at my day job, so I had plenty of time to sit and consider what I would do to poor Brodie. Oh, the many wonderous things I could do to torture him… but alas, there are only so many pages, and the plot — in the end — does have to make some sense, right? So feeding him to the alligators, then dropping him off in the arctic to chase down ice monsters… probably isn’t going to happen.

I’m going back a few chapters in my novel and reworking the story line a bit. I’ve gone far off course from the over-all theme that I want to present, and I want to get it back on track. Book 1 was all about discovery. There is this other realm. We mere humans can avoid it for a while, if we choose to. But Brodie can’t. He has to deal with this other realm daily.

The theme of Book 2 is going to build on that, with ‘Identity’. Who are you?… I mean, really. Are you what you look like? Or are you what you do? Or are you what you eat? Those are the things that Brodie will have to address to solve the latest twist. At least… if I do it right.

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