Character Interview with Lord Arkus

So, I’m taking a new spin with interviews. I thought it would be a great idea if we could skip right past the author and ask the author’s characters a few questions to get to know them. The first author willing to do this with me was Laura Lond. She has taken the time to allow me to interview this strong, “evil” man from her book My Sparkling Misfortune.

I hope you enjoy them.


Hello. Who are you?

Greetings. I am Lord Arkus of Blackriver Castle, a professional villain. You are safe though, I am on vacation now.

What do you know about the author that penned you into existence (if anything)?

She didn’t pen anything, I did. I thought it was about time a villain had his say, so I wrote the story of my adventures (perhaps “misadventures” would be a better word). Ms. Lond helped to make it available to the public, that’s all.

Do you enjoy the exposure to the world?

Yes, very much. I’ve got fans now, from what I hear. I read reviews of my book and sometimes even post comments on this thing called Facebook.

What is one conflict that you had to resolve by the end of your story?

Oh, there were so many. One thing led to another… It all started with Prince Kellemar backstabbing me in a very creative and most treacherous way. Naturally, I wanted to pay him back, so I decided to capture a Gormack, a powerful evil spirit, who would be of great help in that project. Well, you see, I hadn’t had much experience with spirits before. I grabbed the wrong one…. Ended up with a goody-goody spirit called Sparkling that normally assists heroes. Not only would this exasperating creature hinder me in my quest, he was bent on making me do heroic stuff!

I see… Without spoiling anything for the reader, did it get resolved the way you wanted it to? Or was there a twist that changed things?

It did get resolved, but there was a sad twist, yes.

Is there anything from this adventure that has left a mark on you for life, mentally, physically, or otherwise?

Well, I keep hearing that somehow I am not that bad of a villain anymore. I even read that in some reviews! That’s outrageous and preposterous. I am still a prominent member of the Villains League, thank you very much. Yes, I have formed a couple of friendships and maybe done a couple of things villains don’t normally do, but I’ve always been eccentric. It doesn’t prove anything.

Tell me about one good friend or one opposing character from your story. What do you think about them?

Quite unexpectedly, Jarvi the Sparkling proved to be a true friend. That doesn’t make him any less annoying, and he will still have to answer me for some things, but when I was in a tough spot, he helped. He didn’t have to; he had all the reasons not to. Yet this impossible, sharp-tongued, orange-haired pest chose to stick his neck out for me.

If the author were to decide to pen a sequel to your story, would you be opposed to it?

Like I’ve already said, I am the author, and yes, I am working on a sequel.

If you could change any one aspect about yourself, what would it be?

Becoming invincible would be very useful. That’s what I wanted to begin with.

What would you “fix” about someone else in your life?

Sigh. I would fix Jarvi. You’ll need to read the book to know what exactly I mean, I don’t want to spoil it.

If the readers of my blog were to try to find your story, where could they find it?

My book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and in other online stores, both as an ebook and in paperback.



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