American Cancer Society Update

Well, the response to this too was reasonably underwhelming. I had expected a few more replies than I received. Several people sent us encouraging notes, and we appreciate those. I’m glad to hear from each of you how the ACS has touched your lives as well.

My wife and I are going to add some of our own money to the pool to bring the grand total up to $25. It’s a lot less than I’d hoped to be able to send, but it is what it is.

I appreciate all of the notes of encouragement and support, and I sincerely hope that if the ACS has an event in your area, give. You don’t have to give through this page, and this idea wasn’t about selling books, or gaining fame. It was about helping the ACS raise money in their annual drive. They are a great institution, and have done so much for me and my family.

Thanks again, and god bless each of you.


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