45 Days of THALOC

UPDATE: Changed all items about the image to now be the event page.

To celebrate the release of my new book, I’m going to be hosting a “45-Days of Thaloc” giveaway. The First Prize is a signed copy of Thaloc Has a Body, when it is released. There is one First Place prize, for those of you statisticians out there that care about such things.

The Second Place prize is a free ebook copy of Thaloc Has a Body, gifted through the Amazon system. There are five second-place prizes up for grabs.

The Third Place prize is a free ebook copy of the first book in the series, Death Has a Name. There are 45 third-place prizes up for grabs.

Here’s how it will work.
1) Sign-up!! To sign-up, simply “Like” my author page on Facebook (if you haven’t already. If you’ve already liked the page, then you don’t have to try it again.), and leave a comment on the 45-Days of Thaloc (UPDATED) event page.

You must have “liked” the author page AND have a comment on the event page. For your convenience, the links to each are listed here:

Author Page

Event Page

DON’T COMMENT ON THIS BLOG. Comment on the Facebook image via the link above!

2) 45-Days of free ebooks! Every day between June 15th and July 30th, I will pick one person at random from the entire list of entires that morning, and gift them a copy of Death Has a Name (ebook) via Amazon. Sorry, but for this giveaway, it will have to be through Amazon. I know there are some of you out there that don’t have Kindles or Kindle software. You can download the free app from Amazon, but I have to go through this process for this giveaway.

On July 30th I will draw 5 names from the list of entries. Those people will win the 5 e-copies of Thaloc Has a Body.

Also on July 30th, I will draw one lucky name from the entire list of entries. That person will win the First Place prize.

3) One prize level per person. Each person can only win a First, Second or Third Place prize once. That means, you could have AT MOST one first place, one second place and one third place, but not more than that. Make sense? Good.

4) No Extras. Sorry. If there are no more names for a given round (i.e. if only 5 people sign up), then no more e-copies will be given. I’m not going to send multiple gifts out to people who have already received one.

UPDATE: In answer to a question someone sent me… The comment needs to say something to the effect of “Please sign me up for 45 Days of THALOC! You can win too!” … but be creative. =) Let’s see how creative people can be.

So, tell your friends and family. It’s fun to share, especially if they can win free stuff!! Comment on the picture, Like the author page, and get ready for a summer of fun reading with Death Has a Name and Thaloc Has a Body.

DAY 01 Winner: Heather Josey
DAY 02 Winner: Mickaela Marie Casper
DAY 03 Winner: Sandy Mattie
DAY 04 Winner: Lisa Sinclair
DAY 05 Winner: NONE… 🙁
DAY 06 Winner: Dean Comeau
DAY 07 Winner: Jessica Arauz
DAY 08 Winner: Tammie Morgan
DAY 09 Winner: Amber Gagnelius
DAY 10 Winner: Pam King Larchey
DAY 11 Winner: Jadis Shaw
DAY 12 Winner: Eloise Celine Labampa
DAY 13 Winner: Annette Martineau Breier
DAY 14 Winner: Linda Cupp Mihay
DAY 15 Winner: Elise Hecht
DAY 16 Winner: Patricia Gardner Griffith
DAY 17 Winner: Shelby Ann Simons
DAY 18 Winner: Lisa Landeryou
DAY 19 Winner: Lesa Bergson
DAY 20 Winner: Jordan Odom
DAY 21 Winner: Suzanne Ducas Kilmer
DAY 22 Winner: Chris Esau
DAY 23 Winner: Jodi O’Dell
DAY 24 Winner: Alan davidson
DAY 25 Winner: NONE
DAY 26 Winner: NONE
DAY 27 Winner: NONE
DAY 28 Winner: NONE
DAY 29 Winner: NONE
DAY 30 Winner: NONE
(( Looking for more people to attend the event!! ))

5 thoughts on “45 Days of THALOC”

  1. Hi Jerry:

    I think this is really awesome what you are doing. I wish I had a kindle–I would bombard you with comments to try to win an e-book–lol. I still do my reading the old fashioned way.

    Good luck to all the entries, if you haven’t read anything Jerry has written, then you are in for a treat!

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