Author Interview with Brent Nichols

Hello again everyone. It has been quite a while since I hosted an author interview. With that in mind, I went out searching for some of the best independent authors out there. I have several interviews lined up for the coming weeks, and I hope that you appreciate them all.

Today, I would like to introduce you all to Brent Nichols, author of Lord of Fire

Author: Brent Nichols
Genre: Fantasy

It was a simple assignment. Deliver a little blue orb to the monastery at Boot Mountain. But no one told Brother Godfrey that the orb was the key to unimaginable power. No one told him that others would be coming after it.

For that matter, no one told him about the demonic guardians, either.

He never intended to assemble a team, but they kept showing up. A witch without any powers. A bearman who just wanted to be liked. A stableboy with dreams of adventure. Together they will face powerful and desperate men, men who will kill, and worse, to possess the orb.

And then there’s the squirrel. The one with the glowing red eyes. It’s hunting them.

They are an unlikely group of heroes, but they are the only thing standing between an unsuspecting world and the devastating rise of the Lord of Fire.

So, let’s get started. Good morning, Brent. Some people write for a paycheck, while others do it for the love of the craft or to fulfill a promise to a loved one. Can you tell me what drives you to get up and write?

Compulsion? Obsession? Lack of other marketable skills? I’ve been pursuing the dream of authorial success for so long that I can’t really imagine stopping. If I had to sum it up, I would say that I write because I’m a writer.

I love story telling, and I love the idea that people will be entertained by my stories. Complete strangers will spend hours caught up in worlds of my imagining, caring about people I invented.

What is the first book that you can remember having a true impact on you?

Treasure Island is probably the first book that really captivated me. The adventure, the exotic strangeness of it all, the exciting story that was so different from my dull, ordinary life. I loved that book.

What is one quirky thing about yourself… something that no one outside of your friends and family might know?

I did stand-up comedy for 10 years. I never make a living at it, but it was a really cool, occasionally lucrative hobby.

What is your current project about?

I’m writing a novel about a kingdom with a very bad king and the desperate men who decide to depose him. It’s loaded with action, but it is also a serious examination about how we become who we are, and the degree to which we can choose what kind of person we become. I took a lot of my inspiration from stores like The Prisoner of Zenda and The Man in the Iron Mask. What happens when a king gets replaced? I look at some serious issues, but I’m also keeping the tone of swashbuckling adventure that made those stories so much fun to read.

How did the plot and overall story for that project come into being?

On the one hand, I was inspired by classic adventure stories. At the same time, I’m fascinated by the nature of identity. I wanted to tell the story of two young men, each of whom could be King, and how each of them is changed by responsibility and pressure.

Do you have any other projects on the burner somewhere (that you can talk about)?

I want to write a classic sword and sorcery trilogy in the time-honoured style of Tolkien and Tad Williams. Not a single word has been written, but I’m working on characters and plot lines in my mind.

Quick!… without thinking, what are the first five words that come to mind?

Sorry, dude, I got nothin’.

What do you think those five words say about your personality?

I’m an incurable smart-Alec, even under pressure.

Haha… Okay, then, do you have any pets? Can you tell us about them?

No pets. I would love to have a cat, but I can’t persuade my wife that it’s a good idea.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these interview questions. Before I let you go, I have one more question. If the world were to one day have your name as a household name (aside from your writing career) what would you want to be known for?

Writing is really the only area where I can see myself becoming well-known. I would like to be known as an entertainer, someone who made people laugh, someone who provided excitement and drama and entertainment.

If you would like to know more about Brent, you can find his book on Amazon or Smashwords.

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