Ten Tips for New Authors: #2

#2 Write more quality works.

If you are going in as a self-published author, you are the general manager, publicist, art-director, writer, editor and agent, all rolled into one. And while each of these tasks are vital to the success of a new work in the marketplace, you can’t forget about the love of the stories in your head. You can’t write just one book and expect overnight success (see rule #1). And you can’t build a fan base without giving your fans quality work to read. Don’t get so bogged down in the details of running the business of writing that you forget about the art of writing itself.

I write like mad until I get a new work complete. I then have to put on a different hat and do the artwork, publishing, promoting and the business of making money. I do that for about three months. I then take a month off to be with my wife before jumping back into the writing again. You have to find the balance in your own life that works for you, and any successful part of balance needs to include significant time set aside just for writing your next amazing work of art.

Yes, I’m always jotting new ideas for stories, taking notes on new plots or character concepts. But when I’m the business manager, I focus on that role. When I’m writing, I ignore the sales numbers. When I’m promoting, I don’t spend time worrying about chapters. When I’m laying out the book and formatting it for the different reading platforms, I don’t worry about character development.

When you produce more works, each subsequent book will help build a fan base many times more effectively than any self-promotion you can do. The more quality work you write, the more of a following you can generate. Put the links to your new books directly in the back of your other books. Cross-link your books and re-publish old works with new links each time a new book is released. In doing this, you’ll be able to drive fans to all of your works and may even make an extra sale.


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