Ten Tips For New Authors: #5

#5 Don’t give up.

Many authors will write a book, maybe even two, and when the sales aren’t what they expect or when that one very rude person leaves a scathing review, they give up. Don’t give up. The more you write, the better you become at writing. Of course, you need to have the good sense to know what is publish-worthy and what isn’t. But just because you didn’t produce publish-worthy material this time doesn’t mean that you’re not a good writer.

Writing good stories takes time, patience, and an immeasurable amount of practice. I’ll say it again, the more you write, the better at the art you become. If you love the art, don’t give up.

When you think your writing has matured enough, take it to a critique group and get honest feedback. Yes, they will be brutal, but it’s better that you hear the faults from four or five people in a closed room instead of hundreds of screaming facebook people declaring your work to be worthless to the masses.

And if all goes well, the critique group will love your work. If that’s the case, you can start the editing to get your novel ready for publishing.

No matter where you are in the stage of your career, don’t think that you’ll never make it. If you want to be a writer, keep working at it, and you’ll get there. Not everyone becomes an overnight success. For some it may take fifty books and many years, but this can work for you if you really want to stick to it. Time itself will weed out those that want to write and those that want to ride the latest electronic wave.

Stick to it!

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