The Indie Spotlight

Wow!! I thought the email was lost somewhere in cyberspace, but it turns out that they did receive the information for Death Has a Name over at The Indie Spotlight. Way back in March, they put out a request for independent authors who may be willing to submit their works. I emailed them back, and they asked me a few questions. I sent answers to the questions, of course, and a cover of the book so that they could see what I was talking about. They did an interesting write-up on the book today. Unfortunately, since the information I sent was so long ago, they still have the old cover art for the book.

If you have a minute, go check them out! I’m excited to see it posted, even if the wrong cover art is used. =)

I’m so glad to be a part of the indie community, and I know that The Indie Spotlight has been doing so much to help us get our names out there. There is a backlog a mile long to be featured on their site, so for me, this is a huge honor!! Take a look at the other great authors that they have promoted while you are there.

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