Free eBook Friday: Demonspawn

Today’s book, Demonspawn, was written by Glenn Bullion. It is a dark paranormal story that you should definitely read. It borders on “horror”, but I’ll get into that in a minute. If you like dark stories with big endings, this is a great choice.

Alex Teague discovers that he’s not exactly human. He’s half human, half demon. He is, in fact, a demonspawn. Throughout his life, he has known he was different. During his high-school years, we see his first encounter with the supernatural, and it has a defining impact on his life. In fact, it drives him to discover who — or what — he really is.

The next time we see Alex, he is in college, and his best friend since grade school, Cindy, becomes his girlfriend. Other than his little sister, Cindy is the only person that knows of his extra abilities. In a quest to discover how he came by his unnatural gifts, he goes on a journey to peel back the dark layers that everyone else wanted to keep covered. In doing so, he uncovers much more than he ever anticipated.

The book is very well written, and is targeted for a mature audience. While Alex is a teen character, this book contains images and situations that aren’t for the young Harry Potter fans. As they say on T.V., viewer discresion is advised.

Aside from its dark (adult-ish) themes, the book itself is phenomenally written. There were so many vivid characters that kept the story moving along for me. While we are uncovering so many layers of Alex’s past, we discover many interesting side characters, from demons to ghosts to vampires. The characters themselves are very well-defined.

The ending is dark and violent. Up until this point, the book isn’t very “horror”-ish.  I expected better from the human side of Alex Teague. However, knowing that the demon side of Alex is who he is, I can understand how the ending plays out. It reminds me alot of the HBO show, Dexter; the good guy that you’re not sure if you should really be cheering for.

It’s fast-paced, full of great characters and one very wild ride. If you are looking for a book that will not only entertain you, but will get under your skin, this is a great choice.


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