Free eBook Friday: Night of Wolves

This book, by David Dalglish, is a fantasy warrior’s tale. Not only did I enjoy it, I found myself in the dark swampy river right along side the main characters. David’s writing draws you in and makes you a part of the scene.

This story is about two Paladins — Jerico and Darius — each serving a different deity. What’s worse, both paladins were sent to this small villiage to tell the inhabitants about the woes of following the other deity, forming a classic struggle against black and white, good and evil. Of course, who is good and who is evil totally depends on your point of view, I suppose.

Just before Jerico is called away, they are informed of a group of wolf-men that are set to overrun this little village. Jerico has a choice to make: follow his deity, or save those that he has grown to love and call his friends. He even regrets having to leave Darius. Despite their constant feuding, Darius has become as much of a friend as the rest of the village.

As Jerico stays on to fight, he joins up with Darius, and together they battle the Wolves through the night, doing their best to rid the town of the threat and save those that they have come to protect.

This book is a great read, and will leave you questioning the differences between those sterotypical black and white roles. I am ever-aware of the cardboard-cutout-characters because that is one thing about writing that drives me nuts. In this book, Jerico, Darius, the other leaders and even the townspeople all have their roles to play. While some of the townspeople felt a bit thin at times, I was never completely put off by any of them. Jerico and Darius are a yin-yang pair that fill their sterotype, but not in such a way as to make them flat. They were very vivid and full of character, even in their own stereotyped way.

If you have a few minutes, and are looking for a great weekend read, this is one great book. Five-plus stars!


The best part is that David has generously offered to send a physical copy of this book to the winner this week. That’s right, real paper and ink!

To win a copy of this book, simply post the phrase below on my <<Facebook Wall>>.

Hey Jerry! Sign me up to win a FREE paperback copy of Night of Wolves for Free eBook Friday!

I’ll pick one random winner from the list and contact you about where to mail the book. If you STILL want just a plain ebook, he will give one of those, too, but the offer for a paperback is on the table.

Happy Friday, and good luck!

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