Free eBook Friday : Not What She Seems

Today, I am so very excited to tell you about Not What She Seems, by Victorine E. Lieske. Victorine has painted a very lovely picture with Seven Ashton, a billionaire who is seeking to leave his wealth behind and find a simpler way of life, if even for two weeks.

Emily is a drifter, riding along with con a man named Richard. It was the best she could do to provide for her son, Connor. She would do anything for him.

By chance or fate or whatever you may call it, Seven encounters Emily. She wants to just put the encounter behind her, but Richard has other plans. He notices that Steven shows some interest in her, and hopes to use that to turn a quick and tidy profit off of such a wealthy man.

At first, Emily doesn’t want to, but Steven is rather handsome. And friendly. The more she gets to know him, the more she really does like him. She decides that she wants out of the whole mess. She’s done with Steven. Done with the fraud. Done with Richard.

After all, what would Seven think of her if he knew the truth? What if he discovered Richard’s plan? How could she leave Richard, get out from under Seven’s watchful gaze, and take Connor with her safely? The odds seem insurmountable.

As a reader, I really enjoyed this book. Victorine paints a very believable picture, and all of the characters in the book are perfectly created.  The book mixes light romance themes in believable, thrilling, interesting scenes that keep the pages turning.

A 5-star read that reminds you that everyone has something to hide.

Victorine E. Lieske is also the author of The Overtaking. Get either book today for free.

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