My Plans for The Brodie Wade Series

Some have asked if there will only be three books in the Brodie Wade series. The long answer is yes. The shorter answer is no.

I do plan to end the timeline in the third novel. Brodie Wade’s story will wrap up nicely. He will find answers he’s been looking for his entire life, and in those answers, The Truth will be satisfied. In that moment, Brodie will be released and will never have to deal with The Truth again. In that aspect, yes, the Brodie Wade series will come to an end.

However, there will be some significant twists and turns that will allow for some spin-offs in this new universe. Older characters like Denise Donnovan will return and take a more prominent role. And we will be introduced to the real-life versions of Mollie, the apparition that plagued Brodie in the second book. We will discover much more about the mysterious Contego Veritas, and in those aspects, there are some incredible opportunities for ongoing story lines.

And don’t forget how old Brodie is, as of the third book. There is still the possibility — as there always has been — of prequels. Brodie has dealt with this issue for over 30 years. There are a ton of stories to be told in those years that have not yet been written. What happened when he was a teen? How did he survive the Garrett Institution? Who was his father?? No one has asked me that question yet, and I’m surprised. There’s a big history on that topic that has not so much as left the scribbles of paper in my office, yet that is probably Brodie’s biggest secret of all!! I will touch very briefly on that in the third book, but the story of Devlan Gray is one that will take several books to tell in it’s own right.

So don’t fret if you hear the rumors of the third book being the last in the series. Yes, the rumors are true. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be the end of the universe. Just the next chapter in a much larger story.

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