Initial thoughts on WattPad

So, I’ve had DHAN on for a little while now. It’s only had 600+ reads. I’d hoped for a bit more by this time, but I guess it’s much like any other social media tool… you have do do the promotion yourself. I have, however, made some interesting contacts through the site, so it holds some promise.

I’ll probably leave DHAN up for free for a while to see if it garners any more exposure. I’ve been introduced formally to two of my fans through the site, so it’s been worth it at least in that regard.

I’m also talking with one of the WattPad community developers to see if we can work out some mutual deal. If I promise to leave my FULL novel on their site for free for 6 months they’ll promote me in their works, emails and site listings. While I’m not sure if that will drive up the traffic, it will allow me to meet more of you and reach people that I would otherwise never have said hello to.

I guess I’ll see how this does before making that final decision on locking the book down for another six months.

One thought on “Initial thoughts on WattPad”

  1. I don’t know about wattpad, but I got a copy of DHAN through Pixel of Ink. Just finished it. Since my copy was free, I wasn’t sure it would be worth reading; so many aren’t. Your book has surpassed my expectations, delighted my imagination, and whetted my appetite for more. Excellent story, well written. Real enough to be plausible, but fictional enough to be that escape we readers so often crave. Thanks for the trip! I’m looking forward to the rest of the Brodie series. Well done!

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