Just discovered something cool…

So, I’ve been getting quite a few spam texts lately. I think someone inverted their digits and signed up online at a spambot or something. Anyway, I’m really tired of getting them.

Sprint to the rescue. (No… really.) I’m not a big “fanboy” of anyone. I guess I’m a bit of a Diet Dr. Pepper addict, but that’s about it. But Sprint really has soemthing interesting. They just don’t advertise it. I had to go digging to find this. It turns out that they have set up a number (9999) that you can use to block messages and phone numbers and to report spam messages for them to investigate.

Here’s how it works. The next time you get a spam message, text the words spam [insert phone number here] to 9999. Within seconds, you’ll get a message back from Sprint’s 9999 number confirming that all text messages from the indicated number will be blocked and if they get enough from that number, they will investigate and possibly even shut that line down (if they own it).

If you just want to block an annoying person, (you know it’s not spam, but they just won’t leave you alone) you can text block [insert phone number here] to 9999. All texts to and from that person will be stopped at the network. Poof! Gone.

If you forget who you’ve blocked, text blocklist to 9999 and you’ll receive a list of numbers on your block list.

And finally, when you and your ex make up or you decide that you want to start talking to that previously “annoying” person, text allow [insert number here] to 9999 and the messages will start flowing again.

I’m not much of a fanboy when it comes to any brand, label or service, but I have to admit that this is pretty awesome.

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