Still in the Halloween mood? Have I got a treat for you!

While I wasn’t able to get this out for Halloween, I got close! If you’re not ready to put away the ghosts and ghouls, then check out Brodie’s BRAND NEW adventure. It is a prequel to the existing Brodie Wade series.

In The Truth Has Teeth, we encounter a collegiate-aged Brodie taking on his first cold case with Phil Dawson, who has finally risen to the rank of Detective. In this case, Brodie encounters a Truth manifestation like he’s never seen before–a werewolf. He must decipher the latest riddle before the werewolf hunts him down and tears him apart. Stop by Amazon today and download your own copy of this novella.


2 thoughts on “Still in the Halloween mood? Have I got a treat for you!”

  1. question: Why is the next Brodie Wade book the last installment? You have created a wonderful, unassuming hero. Why end it?

  2. Because there is a reason he is damaged. In the final book he must make some huge choices and in the process everything is put back to normal. But just like The Truth Has Teeth, there may be future prequel stories. … or other spin offs. 😉 but I can’t expound on those yet. Too soon.

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