Working on my latest release

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Click me to see the full-sized cover. Release date 12-15-2014!

I will be putting the final touches and getting my latest release ready this month. There’s still quite a bit to do, but things are winding down. I’m really looking forward to showing you all my latest work. I really hope you enjoy it.


Tabloid Reporter Harrison Kass goes to a small Oklahoma town to dig up dirt on an old legend. What he uncovers is Adam Moor’s secret science experiment of death. Everyone who discovers this secret seems to meet an untimely demise, and Adam has the same plans for Harry. The town vet, Tara Roberts, isn’t exactly what she seems. Harry becomes infected and Tara comes to his rescue and helps him escape. Together they go on the run with the hope of putting an end to Adam’s madness before he finishes what he started and Harry’s turning is complete.

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