(FREE) Review Copies of Fort Reiley Available

Fort Reiley needs some review love at Amazon, and other outlets. In order to achieve that, I need reviewers.


I’m offering free digital copies of Fort Reiley as Review Copies. The way I want to handle review copies this year is as follows:

Sign up for my newsletter, but put yourself in a SPECIAL reviewer list specifically for Fort Reiley Reviewers. The email address you use here is where I will know where to send the review copy.



Make sure that you are enabled to receive a newsletter AND you have checked the second box that puts you in this special group. If you’ve already left a review somewhere, first… THANK YOU. Secondly, go ahead and put yourself in this list so that I can keep track of you and remember you. I might just have some special goodies in store for when I stumble on a review out in the wild. If your name is in here, I know where to send the goodies.

If you review under a different name than the name or address that you signed up with, send me an email with the name you used and what site you used it on so that I can keep track of you.

Once I see you in the list, I will send you the book for FREE! The agreement is, if you download the book and email, you will leave an honest review on Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, etc. (whatever outlets you have access to) within 4 weeks. Does that sound fair?

Do you know someone who loves to read? Forward them a link to this article so they can have a chance, too! The more the merrier.

If you have questions, feel free to write me at : jhanel@gmail.com.

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