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Another one?

Okay… I know what you are thinking. Why start yet another blog when you have “Jerry’s e-Thoughts

Well, this one is a bit different. While the e-Thoughts is still valid (and I’ll be posting there more often), this is for those interested in following my writing, without having to read through tons of my random thoughts on politics, life, and love.

My goal here is to make at LEAST 1 post a week, so check back here often. I will make small short-story posts, ideas about my characters and plot lines (warning… I may post spoilers for my books!! Read at your own risk.) And finally, posts questions for feedback about what you think makes an interesting story. After all, that’s why I do this; for you.

So, sit back, grab a warm glass of milk, a blanket and a cozy sofa. I’ll be posting scripts and snipets to be reviewed, read and enjoyed.