#RePost: Key To The Stars

I’m dredging up some old articles that I think still have some decent merit. This is my review of “Key To The Stars” by Kevin Domenic, originally posted two years ago (wow, how time flies!)

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As an update, Key to the Stars is free right now, both at Smashwords.com and Amazon.com! While this one book is free, you’ll probably want to download the entire trilogy. It’s a great read.


Key to the StarsI’ve talked about author Kevin Domenic before, and I’m a huge fan. Why? Because his stories are fun, active and engaging. They are very well written, and so vivid, you feel you are right there in the mix.

The first book in his Fourth Dimension series, Key to the Stars, is an amazing start. In order to consider Key to the Stars, you have to look at this novel as a part of the whole series.

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Promoting Your Book as an Independent

Being an independent author, I find it very difficult to get my name out there. When people read my books, they generally respond well. But how do they read my works if they don’t know I exist?

With the explosion of digital publishing, I was able to step out and get published on my own. That provided me with a huge opportunity. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it did so for millions of other people, too, burying my novels under a mountain of new releases every day.

And the fact is, even with the most avid, voracious reader, there is only so much money in the book-reading budget. They can’t buy every book that catches their eye.

So how do I rise above the rest and get my name out there?

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January Video Update


Image by Horia Varlan

Five Benefits to Reading Often

While some of us read a book — or more — each day (my wife, for example), others stay so busy that finishing one book per week may feel like a luxury. Either way, studies have shown that reading often has significant benefits.

Image by Pedro Ribeiro Simões

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Three Things We Want from a Good Book

When we sit down to read, be it for pleasure or business, we all are expecting some magic to come pouring out from between those press-board covers and slivers of pages. Magic that would transform our lives and make us better people. Yes, even fiction should make us better somewhere deep inside.

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Site Upgrade

If you haven’t stopped by to take a look at the site lately, please do.


I’ve upgraded the site, added a ton of graphics and features. One really new feature is the “About” page, which has a video of me rambling about the site.

Yes, I really am that awkward in real life. Why do you think I became a writer instead of a public speaker.


Stop by, then let me know what you think of the new upgrades.

Is the world fair when bad things happen?

As humans, we always want things to be fair. We see injustice in the world, and we want to fix it. Why? Because it’s not “fair.” But is that really what we want?

I play in a semi-weekly pen-and-paper gaming group where I have to roll dice often. I saw a video online about how many gaming dice are not “fair”. That is to say, they have biases to one side or the other of the die, thus they may have biases to rolling “high” or “low” Many do have biases, and they tend to roll in the middle. Of course, the person online has a fix, and he’s willing to sell you his solution. He has developed dice that have a very specific shape and cut so that they are always “fair”. Each number has the same chance of coming up as any other number. I thought that  I wanted my dice to be 100% fair in all of my rolls.

But do I really WANT that? Probably not. Read on, my friend. Read on.

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Seven Steps For Change in 2015

A new year is here, and we have all made resolutions. Or promises. Or lifestyle-changes. Or whatever you’ve decided to call yours this year. For some of us, it’s all about loosing weight, our health or just taking time for ourselves for our own sanity (i.e. mental health). For others, it’s about accomplishing some task, goal or finishing some daunting project. For others, it’s all about relationships, getting more involved with your family, and spending time with your kids and/or spouse.

Image from Flickr by Peter Thoeny : https://flic.kr/p/iPA1z4

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Congratulations GoodReads Readers

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The GoodReads giveaway has completed. Congratulations to S. Hicks, Tricha, Rhonda and Diane! Your copies are ready to go and will be in the mail Tuesday, Jan 6th. I really appreciate everyone who entered, and I hope that you all have a wonderful and happy new year.


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