The Brodie Wade Series

This series follows the main character, Brodie Wade, through his somewhat abnormal life. You must understand, Brodie can see into the spirit realm, and it doesn’t seem to happy about it.


The Truth Has Teeth

In The Truth Has Teeth, we find Brodie the College Student. He has been institutionalized all of his life due to his visions, so he’s not that great at interpersonal relationships. We find him with his friend and mentor, Detective Phil Dawson solving their first big case

Death Has a Name

In Death Has a Name, several years have passed. Brodie has billed himself out as a Psychic Investigator and still maintains that deep friendship with Phil, even though the detective doesn’t quite understand his unusual friend.

Thaloc Has a Body

In Thaloc Has a Body, we see Brodie just a year later. Brodie took some heat for being called a Psychic from the last case. But with his notoriety, he now has billed himself as a Paranormal Investigator and is traveling all over the world. Phil needs his help once again and Brodie isn’t so sure he can help.


Keep your eyes peeled for the final book, Azazel Has a Child.


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