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Self Doubt Strikes Again

Every time, right before I release a book, I have this unsettling doubt; this fear that no one will find my work worthwhile. Today is one of those days.

I’m sitting here this morning looking over my plans and preparations. With the release just two days away, I am having massive waves of self doubt. I have done everything I can think of, but my brain is still telling me “That’s not going to be good enough.” and I begin to spiral down into “What if no one buys this one? What if it flops? All the work you’ve put into this project, the money you’ve spent and plans you’ve made, gone. For what?”

I really hate days like today. The hard part is that I know SOME people will hate my book. Not every genre or story is to everyone’s liking. And on the flip side, SOME people will love it. I know that in my head, but the fear of failure is just as real (but sometimes twice as strong) as the knowledge that I’ve done the right things to succeed.

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Let the Fort Reiley Hysteria Begin

2014-09-22 16_29_09-https___99designsSo, I’m working on a few ideas for gearing up to the release date of Fort Reiley. I’m kind of stuck for promotional ideas, though. Obviously, I will be offering giveaways and freebies. But aside from those do you guys have any promotional ideas? This is your chance to shout it out. Let me hear your ideas.

Keep watching here for future updates about promotional items. On the launch date (December 15th!) I’ll be making several announcements. No, I’m not going to give you any hints. Just keep watching the blog on December 15th, and you’ll find out.

So, send in your promotional ideas. If I use your idea, I’ll send you an autographed copy of the cover art or something fun.

The death of my inner editor

Tonight, I realized that somewhere along the way, my inner editor — that guy that tells me “You know, you really don’t need this.” — is formally dead. I took some writing to group to be critiqued, and they burned me at the stake. A year ago, I would have pre-read my chapter and taken drastic measures, slicing and dicing it into shreds long before the group could have the chance to do so.

I don’t know when or how he died. Maybe he died from boredom. Maybe from lack of use, he didn’t die but just walked away. It has been so long since I’ve needed him, maybe he got tired of waiting on me to get back on the writing train.

Tonight I took my latest work, after reading it earlier to myself. It was great, with action, dialogue and twists… or so I thought. But the more they tore holes in it, the more I realized that my inner editor had failed me. As they did their best by doing their worst, I could see how this portion of the story (we only critique eight-to-ten pages at a time) was just bogging the entire flow into the cement. It negated the very things that I thought it provided.

In the end, I have trashed the entire chapter. Yep. All of the work, creativity and energy straight to the trash bin. But in the end, it will be worth it. Some of the most painful, deep edits result in the best work.

I’m so incredibly thankful for Steve, Carol, Bob and all of the Crossroads Writers. You guys are helping me become a better writer — as painful as it may be some days. Thank you all, very much. Don’t let up, as much as I may moan and complain. You are the best.

Almost a year???

Yes. It’s been almost a whole year since I posted to the site. My sister was kind enough to point out my deficit in posting efficiency. Thanks, sis. :)

Time sure does fly when you’re …. busy. What’s happened in a year? Wow, where to start?

I started a new day-job, and there are some long days involved. But I really am enjoying it.

I’ve almost finished a huge novel chronicling my take on the origin on the undead — zombies, vampires, mummies and the like. Keep your eyes posted here. I promise it’s coming very, very soon. So excited, but I can’t really say more right now. Let’s just say that if you’re reading this, and want to be a beta reader for this story … go find my Facebook post for Beta readers and reply to it NOW… like… this week!! Seriously.

I’ve been to Haiti, and I’m headed back there again this summer to help down there. That’s a long story in itself. WOW! If you have a giving heart, and you don’t know where to apply your time or talents…. Haiti could use your help. Just sayin’. So much need there, but the people are the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

I’ve written several short stories as they’ve popped into my head, and started a few new novels. It seems that the  more I write, the further behind in my writing “to do” list I get. I keep starting new ideas, but I have to finish the one’s I already have going. My wife is holding my feet to the fire on that front, and is not letting me spin too far out into left field.

So much more, but it’s just been crazy. Keep watching here over the next few days. I plan to upload one of my short stories. It is about 5K words. Just for reference, a full-novel is between 70K and 100K words, so you can see it’s just a very, very long blog post. But I think some people will like it. It’s a bit of fan-fiction, based in the Firefly universe. If you like Firefly, this should be a treat.

So… keep your eyes peeled, and bear with me. I have been busy, but I will be posting here more in the next few weeks. This past year has been crazy, but the year ahead has even more in store. I can’t wait for you all to see it.

Your writer friend…



Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday
Okay, so it may be a bit presumptuous to wish myself a happy birthday. But you all know that I’m not that way… right? In fact, the gifts are on me again this year. Check to find some of my books are free on my birthday.

Consider them my birthday gift to you!


Something for your Stocking!

If you go to Amazon today, you can find a small gift from me. The Truth Has Teeth is free today, Christmas Day!

You can download it from


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a minute to wish all of my followers and fans a wonderful, safe, and joyful Christmas.

With the rush of the season, we sometimes forget that this time isn’t about the stuff. Sure, the stuff is good. The food is tasty. The presents are thrilling and exciting. The decorations are beautiful and captivating. The paper sparkles and the tree twinkles. Those things are wonderful, and I enjoy them all.

But if all of those were taken away, Christmas would still exist, because it is about love, and you can’t take Love away.

    For God loved the world so much, that he sent his one and only son. And whoever believes in him will not die, but have life that lasts forever.

Thank you, God, for your gift of love.

I would also like to thank my wife, who has put up with more from me in the past year than any previous year. She is truly an amazing woman, and I love her very much.

And to my friends and extended family, Cheryl and I wish you all a merry Christmas. This year has been a trial, but you have all helped make it the best year ever.

And finally, to my fans. I really appreciate how many of you have sent me notes of encouragement and support. Yes, I’m still working on the final book in the Brodie series. And I appreciate your patience as things in my personal life have wedged themselves into my writing life. I’m making more progress, now, and I appreciate those that have stuck with me this long to find out how the story will end. I promise, it will be worth the wait.

Merry Christmas!

Still in the Halloween mood? Have I got a treat for you!

While I wasn’t able to get this out for Halloween, I got close! If you’re not ready to put away the ghosts and ghouls, then check out Brodie’s BRAND NEW adventure. It is a prequel to the existing Brodie Wade series.

In The Truth Has Teeth, we encounter a collegiate-aged Brodie taking on his first cold case with Phil Dawson, who has finally risen to the rank of Detective. In this case, Brodie encounters a Truth manifestation like he’s never seen before–a werewolf. He must decipher the latest riddle before the werewolf hunts him down and tears him apart. Stop by Amazon today and download your own copy of this novella.


Just discovered something cool…

So, I’ve been getting quite a few spam texts lately. I think someone inverted their digits and signed up online at a spambot or something. Anyway, I’m really tired of getting them.

Sprint to the rescue. (No… really.) I’m not a big “fanboy” of anyone. I guess I’m a bit of a Diet Dr. Pepper addict, but that’s about it. But Sprint really has soemthing interesting. They just don’t advertise it. I had to go digging to find this. It turns out that they have set up a number (9999) that you can use to block messages and phone numbers and to report spam messages for them to investigate.

Here’s how it works. The next time you get a spam message, text the words spam [insert phone number here] to 9999. Within seconds, you’ll get a message back from Sprint’s 9999 number confirming that all text messages from the indicated number will be blocked and if they get enough from that number, they will investigate and possibly even shut that line down (if they own it).

If you just want to block an annoying person, (you know it’s not spam, but they just won’t leave you alone) you can text block [insert phone number here] to 9999. All texts to and from that person will be stopped at the network. Poof! Gone.

If you forget who you’ve blocked, text blocklist to 9999 and you’ll receive a list of numbers on your block list.

And finally, when you and your ex make up or you decide that you want to start talking to that previously “annoying” person, text allow [insert number here] to 9999 and the messages will start flowing again.

I’m not much of a fanboy when it comes to any brand, label or service, but I have to admit that this is pretty awesome.

Congratulations Goodreads Fans

I hosted a giveaway for ten paperback editions of Thaloc Has a Body for the month of June. There were over 500 people who entered the contest, but alas, I only have ten copies to give away.

Congratulations to the following winners!!!

I’ll have your copies in the mail by the end of the week.

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