Is the world fair when bad things happen?

As humans, we always want things to be fair. We see injustice in the world, and we want to fix it. Why? Because it’s not “fair.” But is that really what we want?

I play in a semi-weekly pen-and-paper gaming group where I have to roll dice often. I saw a video online about how many gaming dice are not “fair”. That is to say, they have biases to one side or the other of the die, thus they may have biases to rolling “high” or “low” Many do have biases, and they tend to roll in the middle. Of course, the person online has a fix, and he’s willing to sell you his solution. He has developed dice that have a very specific shape and cut so that they are always “fair”. Each number has the same chance of coming up as any other number. I thought that  I wanted my dice to be 100% fair in all of my rolls.

But do I really WANT that? Probably not. Read on, my friend. Read on.

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Seven Steps For Change in 2015

A new year is here, and we have all made resolutions. Or promises. Or lifestyle-changes. Or whatever you’ve decided to call yours this year. For some of us, it’s all about loosing weight, our health or just taking time for ourselves for our own sanity (i.e. mental health). For others, it’s about accomplishing some task, goal or finishing some daunting project. For others, it’s all about relationships, getting more involved with your family, and spending time with your kids and/or spouse.

Image from Flickr by Peter Thoeny :

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Congratulations GoodReads Readers

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The GoodReads giveaway has completed. Congratulations to S. Hicks, Tricha, Rhonda and Diane! Your copies are ready to go and will be in the mail Tuesday, Jan 6th. I really appreciate everyone who entered, and I hope that you all have a wonderful and happy new year.


If you want more information on me, my novels, or other chances to win freebies, follow my facebook page or my newsletter.


Sign up for my Fort Reiley Giveaway

Just a quick note to remind you about my GoodReads giveaway. If you want to win a free print edition of Fort Reiley, stop by GoodReads and enter, or just click the link below.

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Fort Reiley

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Fort Reiley Release (Freebies inside!)

Guess what day it is…

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That’s right. It’s release day. Today I am releasing Fort Reiley to the world. Head on over to and check it out. Not sure if you’ll like my style? That’s okay. To celebrate the release of Fort Reiley, for today only, you can download the ENTIRE Brodie Wade Series for free. Yep, free. Tell all of your friends that they can grab a copy, too! The more the merrier. I want to spread the word about Fort Reiley and make this an event to remember.

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Self Doubt Strikes Again

Every time, right before I release a book, I have this unsettling doubt; this fear that no one will find my work worthwhile. Today is one of those days.

I’m sitting here this morning looking over my plans and preparations. With the release just two days away, I am having massive waves of self doubt. I have done everything I can think of, but my brain is still telling me “That’s not going to be good enough.” and I begin to spiral down into “What if no one buys this one? What if it flops? All the work you’ve put into this project, the money you’ve spent and plans you’ve made, gone. For what?”

I really hate days like today. The hard part is that I know SOME people will hate my book. Not every genre or story is to everyone’s liking. And on the flip side, SOME people will love it. I know that in my head, but the fear of failure is just as real (but sometimes twice as strong) as the knowledge that I’ve done the right things to succeed.

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Let the Fort Reiley Hysteria Begin

2014-09-22 16_29_09-https___99designsSo, I’m working on a few ideas for gearing up to the release date of Fort Reiley. I’m kind of stuck for promotional ideas, though. Obviously, I will be offering giveaways and freebies. But aside from those do you guys have any promotional ideas? This is your chance to shout it out. Let me hear your ideas.

Keep watching here for future updates about promotional items. On the launch date (December 15th!) I’ll be making several announcements. No, I’m not going to give you any hints. Just keep watching the blog on December 15th, and you’ll find out.

So, send in your promotional ideas. If I use your idea, I’ll send you an autographed copy of the cover art or something fun.

Fort Reiley ARCs Released

2014-09-22 16_29_09-https___99designsI was finally able to release the Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) to a handful of people yesterday. For those of you that received an ARC, please note that this is NOT the final version. It’s an advanced version, prior to last-minute polish and shine, so there are expected to be a few things. I’ve already noticed a couple missing hyphens in hyphenated words and such.

For those of you that did not receive an ARC, but wanted to, keep watching this page. Here is where you will find posts on my books before they are released, and you may be able to sign up for one next time around. I can only send out a few copies at a time.

I am very excited to reveal Harrison Kass to you. He’s a totally different character than Brodie, but in a good way. Harry’s story has several paranormal twists of its own, with some darker elements and themes with the idea of redemption toward the end. It has taken about twelve years for this story to make it onto paper, so this feels very much like a milestone moment for me.

If you have questions, feel free to drop me a line, or ask me on Goodreads in the “Ask the Author” section.

I hope you’ve all had a very happy Thanksgiving and are looking forward to an even better Christmas season.

Working on my latest release

2014-09-22 16_29_09-https___99designs
Click me to see the full-sized cover. Release date 12-15-2014!

I will be putting the final touches and getting my latest release ready this month. There’s still quite a bit to do, but things are winding down. I’m really looking forward to showing you all my latest work. I really hope you enjoy it.


Tabloid Reporter Harrison Kass goes to a small Oklahoma town to dig up dirt on an old legend. What he uncovers is Adam Moor’s secret science experiment of death. Everyone who discovers this secret seems to meet an untimely demise, and Adam has the same plans for Harry. The town vet, Tara Roberts, isn’t exactly what she seems. Harry becomes infected and Tara comes to his rescue and helps him escape. Together they go on the run with the hope of putting an end to Adam’s madness before he finishes what he started and Harry’s turning is complete.

Update on my WIP

Today I sent my latest Work in Progress (WIP) to the editor. I am very excited because this allows me to finally set some solid dates on the calendar.

Fort Reiley (that’s the title of the novel) stands at just over 100,000 words, which is almost double that of Death Has a Name. I’m working on the cover art, back-cover blurbs, and all of the other stuff that has to get done to meet a deadline of a December 15th deadline.

You heard that right… after months and months and months of waiting for me to release a new novel, I finally have a release date.

December 15, 2014

I am now taking of my writer’s hat and putting on my editor/publisher hat to get this release out the door. There is still a ton of work to be done on this project — cover art, back blurb, promotional spots, advertising, editing, proofing — but I can’t wait to show you all of the hard work that has gone into this project. I really think you are going to enjoy this story.

If you would like an Advanced reader Copy (ARC), please write me at jhanel at gmail dot com. Put “Advanced Reader Copy” in the subject line so that it doesn’t get lost in the tons of spam I get every day. In the body, explain what you like in terms of books and story lines. I will choose 5 ARC readers.

There is a cost for this, however. No, it’s not monetary. But I do ask that you leave a review on (good or bad… I want honest reviews!!) telling the world what you think of the book. That’s it. Leave an honest review.

Thank you, again, to all of my patient fans. I know it’s been a while, but today marks a very important milestone and I am excited to share it with you. Hang in there with me as I can reveal more and more of this new novel! Keep your eyes open for chances to win copies, to submit your own work, and to have a ton of fun as we ramp up to the launch date.

Author of the Brodie Wade Series and Fort Reiley. Stop in and say hello.

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